The Story

Viktor, the famous scientist, lives a happy life together with his wife Lena, despite a tragic accident during their youth. One day, he does a groundbreaking discovery with his enthusiastic assistant, Titus. They found a way to send emails to the past. Viktor his desire to change the past of Lena and him becomes to irrepressible and he presses 'send'. The past, no matter how small the alteration, can't be changed without any risks. A surprisingly - not so coincidentally - love story about the responsibility of your own happiness, about fate, coincidence and… to press 'send' too quickly.

In cinemas 30.09 in Belgium

Koen De Graeve is Victor

Karina Smulders is Lena

Matteo Simoni is Tom

Charlotte Anne Bongaerts is Griet

Robrecht Vanden Thoren is Titus

Bart Hollanders is Dimi

A movie by Lukas Bossuyt

After studying civil engineering, Lukas Bossuyt decided to go to London. Three years later, he obtained his degree of filmmaker at the London Film School. After that, he made his name as an advertising director, and built a career as a scriptwriter for Flemish television series such as: Aspe and De Rodenburgs. In addition, Lukas wrote and directed two short movies: Strawberry Flavour and Elisabeth. For his first feature film, Sum of Histories, he was also the writer and director.

Leuven & KU Leuven

The film crew of Sum of Histories settled on different, recognizable locations in the city of Leuven, the setting for the movie. One of the central locations is the Arenberg Castle and the surrounding park. The castle was donated to the KU Leuven in 1916 by the Duke of Arenberg, and is today the School of Engineering. It is the ideal setting for a scientific experiment. Other well-known locations are the State Building and the City Cemetery. Or maybe you, just like the characters, have already visited the catchy Italian bar Zoff or the bar 'De Blauwe Kater'. When you walk on 'de Grote Markt' or the Henri Regastreet, you’ll join the footsteps of the actors of Sum of Histories.

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  1. Director: Lukas Bossuyt
  2. Production: Caviar
  3. Producers: Frank Van Passel, Ivy Vanhaecke
  4. Co-producers: Sander van Meurs, Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten
  5. Writer: Lukas Bossuyt
  6. Executive producer: Karin S. de Boer
  7. Cinematography: Stijn Van Der Veken, A.S. C., S.B.C.
  8. Art director: Max Van Essche
  9. Costume: Vanessa Evrard
  10. Hair & Make-up: Marie Brabant
  11. Editing: Philippe Ravoet
  12. Sound: Leo Franssen
  13. Sound design: Marc Lizier, Paul Gies
  14. Music: Jorrit Kleijnen, Alexander Reumers
  15. Set Pictures: Jo Voets